Born in Shizuoka in 1986. Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Visual Communication Design in 2008, after which he joined Hakuhodo in 2009. Affiliated with SIX since 2014. Major awards include Tokyo ADC, JAGDA New Designer Award, D&AD, NY ADC and ONE SHOW.



A Bird of Useless Elegance

April 2023

The work that was born out of the artist's doubts about the nature of design. Yago's discovery of design as weak and powerless lead him to drawing a peacock, whose only ability is to spread its beautiful feathers. Same as design, the peacock can do nothing beyond just being beautiful. Yago has said:”I wanted people to feel the beauty and strength not in the beauty of the wings themselves, but in the way they strive to be beautiful”.

A fairy

April 2023

In summer 2023, Yago was in charge of a design workshop for kids at Design hub in Tokyo Midtown. He strongly believes that when children work hard making something, it will turn into a precious memory that will keep shining within them, and may change their future. Thus the purpose of the workshop was to give children the opportunity to experience this shining.